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HSM Wire International Inc. has decided to expand and create an online inventory. We have in-stock many various types of wires. Take a look and see if any of our wires will work for your application.

Magnet Wire - 8 - 50 AWG Heavy Build

44 AWG Magnet Wire - Red   50 AWG Magnet Wire - Natural   40 AWG Magnet Wire - Green

155°C - Polyurethane   180°C - Solderable Polyester   200°C - Polyester A/I Topcoat
MW80 & MW79 MW77 MW35 & MW36
Non Solderable Solderable at 390° Non Solderable
This polyurethane insulation allows soldering without prior removal of the film from the wire. This wire has the equivalent physical and electrical properties of most other synthetic films. This insulation has excellent resistance to moisture and resists most common solvents including those used in synthetic baking varnishes. Modified Polyester-imide is produced by insulating the conductor with a single coat of a solder-strippable modified polyester resin. Physical properties are adequate for most coil applications. More severe winding requirements such as in-slot stator windings are not recommended without thorough evaluation. This film may be readily stripped from the conductor by immersing in an 850° - 950°F solder pot; care must be exercised in preventing the film from over-cutting due to poor immersion techniques. This film insulation has excellent thermoplastic flow (cut-through) properties, with typical test values in excess of 390°C. The product has been extensively wound in various motor applications and has been highly commended for its superior wind-ability performance. This insulation really excels in the area of voltage endurance. Testing with sinusoidal and with inverter wave shapes shows that polyester/polyamideimide lasts many times longer than standard NEMA MW35 insulation. While no standards for this type of testing have been universally accepted, our testing shows dramatic improvement in insulation life, especially under service duty applications at higher temperatures.
Magnet Wire

RoHS-WEEE Compliance

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The Litz People® cater to any American wire gauge!

This is not an online store and prices will not be listed, you need to fill out a quotation form.


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