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HSM Wire International Inc. has decided to expand and create an online inventory. We have in-stock many various types of wires. Take a look and see if any of our wires will work for your application.

Litz Wire

Litz Wire Stranded   HSM Wire Litz Wire
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What is Litz wire? The word "Litz" is derived from the German word "Litzendraht" meaning woven wire. It refers to wire consisting of a number of individually insulated magnet wires twisted or braided into a uniform pattern, so that each strand tends to take all possible positions in the cross-section of the entire conductor.

This multi-strand configuration or Litz construction is designed to minimize the power losses exhibited in solid conductors due to "skin effect". Skin effect refers to the tendency of current flow in a conductor to be confined to a layer in the conductor close to its outer surface. At low frequencies, skin effect is negligible, and current is distributed uniformly across the conductor. However, as the frequency increases, the depth to which the flow can penetrate is reduced. Litz wire constructions counteract this effect by increasing the amount of surface area without significantly increasing the size of the conductor.

RoHS-WEEE Compliance

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The Litz People® cater to any American wire gauge!

This is not an online store and prices will not be listed, you need to fill out a quotation form.


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