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HSM Wire International Inc. has decided to expand and create an online inventory. We have in-stock many various types of wires. Take a look and see if any of our wires will work for your application.

Flat Magnet Wire - MW35 - 200°, MW 16 - 240°, MW 77c - 180°

All AWG sizes are in Heavy Build.
11 AWG Flat Wire

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11 AWG
11.5 AWG 12 AWG
12.5 AWG 13 AWG
13.5 AWG 14 AWG  
14.5 AWG 15 AWG 15.5 AWG 16 AWG 16.5 AWG 17 AWG 17.5 AWG  
18 AWG 18.5 AWG 19 AWG 19.5 AWG 20 AWG 20.5 AWG 21 AWG  
21.5 AWG 22 AWG 22.5 AWG 23 AWG 24 AWG 24.5 AWG 25 AWG  
25.5 AWG 26 AWG 26.5 AWG 27 AWG 27.5 AWG 28 AWG 28.5 AWG  
29 AWG 29.5 AWG 30 AWG 30.5 AWG 31 AWG 31.5 AWG 32 AWG  

Flat magnet wire is useful in products such as voice coils in loudspeakers, field and armature coils in rotary and linear motors, and transformers, in which the flat wire permits more compact coils and improved heat dissipation, as compared to designs based on round wire.

For a chart on the Insulated Flat Wire Sizes - Insulated Flat Wire 11 - 32 AWG Ratio Chart

The wire is produced from round, pre-insulated wire, which is then flattened. This flattening causes only negligible stretching, so the cross sectional area is the same before and after the process. Therefore the insulation is stretched in only one direction, and the resistance and wire gauge remain largely unchanged.

Flat Magnet wire is available with these types of insulation:

Solderable Polyester - 180° - Polyester / Polyamideimide / Bondcoat. Heavy Build. UL recognized.
Polyester A/I Topcoat - 200° - Polyester / Polyamideimide. Heavy Build. UL recognized.
Aromatic Polyimide - 240° - Polyester / Polyamideimide. Heavy Build. UL recognized.

180C Bondable - Only certain AWG sizes have this insulation available.

Information on Tinned Copper Wire


RoHS-WEEE Compliance

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The Litz People® cater to any American wire gauge!

This is not an online store and prices will not be listed, you need to fill out a quotation form.


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