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HSM Wire International Inc. has decided to expand and create an online inventory. We have in-stock many various types of wires. Take a look and see if any of our wires will work for your application.

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

CCA Wire

A method of and apparatus for producing copper clad aluminum wire is provided in which a copper strip, while being formed into a cylindrical shape, is placed on the outer side of an aluminum core and the seam of the copper strip is then welded together to prepare a clad wire of the aluminum core and the copper strip, and thereafter the clad wire is subjected to a reducing process to produce a copper clad aluminum wire. The welding of the seam of the copper strip is effected in a closed atmosphere (shielding box) filled with an inert gas, and the diameter reducing operation is carried out through a die whose half-approach angle (i.e., a half approach angle) is between 35° and 55° and at a temperature below 200°C to insure a complete metallurgical bonding between the copper sheath and the aluminum core.

Copper-clad aluminum (CCA) takes advantage of the environmental properties of copper while enabling the industry to realize greater cost savings and make better use of the world’s finite amount of copper. CCA is produced by metalurgically bonding a thin layer of pure copper onto an aluminum core. While drawn CCA contains only ten to fifteen percent copper by volume, it delivers virtually the same AC conductivity and only slightly higher electrical resistance than solid copper. In addition, CCA is 63% lighter and, making it easier to handle and minimizing the investment required in cable support systems. Increasing the size of CCA two AWG delivers the same electrical resistance and mechanical properties as copper at a lower weight and lower cost per linear foot.

Based on its excellent electrical performance and ease of handling, copper-clad aluminum is allowed under NEC article 310, if listed and tested in accordance with UL 83, as a suitable replacement for solid copper in indoor power conduction and grounding applications. Because of the slightly higher resistance, the NEC requires using CCA wire that is two gauge sizes larger than what would normally be used with solid copper. Even with the larger gauge size, copper-clad aluminum costs approximately 20 percent less and weighs 63% less than solid copper – without any real loss in electrical performance.

We offer the following sizes: AWG sizes: 1/0 - 14 / 0.3249" to 0.0508" / 8.25mm to 1.29mm
Smaller and Finer Sizes available, fill out the quotation form Request a Quote

  • Lighter in weight than Copper
  • Higher in conductivity than Aluminum
  • Higher than Tensile Strength than Aluminum
  • Better solderability than Aluminum
  • Reduces weight of coils made
  • Ratio of copper cladding can be selected from 5, 10, 15% per your specs
  • To provide a high frequency resistance, Copper Clad Aluminum Wire can be in the same diameter as copper conductor.

RoHS-WEEE Compliance

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The Litz People® cater to any American wire gauge!

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